Anytime, Anywhere Deliverable Hospital

Designer Kukil Han imagines a go-anywhere solution for providing aid to victims of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and storms. The Mobile Hospital could be delivered to any part of the world (including hard to reach areas) in a matter of hours via helicopter, or be transported on a larger scale by ship, providing emergency medical attention to those in need. This thoughtful design can also be customized to provide support to specific needs with relative ease, furthering its adaptability to a number of scenarios.

Designer: Kukil Han


  • Grey says:

    If this could happen, in the next 5years, that would be awe-inspiring. It a prime example of simple mechanics + great ideas=changing the future. Beautiful, just beautiful. Nice Job!

  • greg says:

    Nice one! Base solution of military mobile command bases in good use. The size of container is very open to different kind of transport so it will not be problem to deliver it, as said.

  • Henning says:

    Moving patients around inside will be difficult if they can’t walk or sit.
    Narrow doors, part wise blocked by beds, many corners to take and what about hygienic installation?
    I’d say 30% of they way in the right direction, but still a long way to go.

  • p says:

    lol @ second last picture “inpatient area” 😀 HAHAHAHAHA

  • Ray says:

    Nice idea

  • FH says:

    remind me of Theme Hospital game lol

  • Mark says:

    If the waiting room was removed, wouldn’t there be more room for beds? The waiting area could be located outside in tents.

  • Jason Wang says:

    @p, what’s so funny? Have you ever been to a hospital? They have inpatient and outpatient areas. Inpatient areas for those whose condition requires them to stay in the hospital and outpatients are those who can just leave.
    This is a brilliant concept. I think the part where the outside of the crate levels part of the extension testifies to how well thought out and brilliant this concept is.

  • David Malone says:

    In many ways this awesome design is already on the ground, though in a more basic fashion.

    Hospitals of Hope ( has constructed several mobile hospitals using containers and have shipped these to Haiti, Liberia and Sudan. I’m sure the ideas presented here are a great encouragement. Maybe Hospitals of Hope can receive some monetary assistance to go even further.

  • joel lim says:

    nice concept but sad to say that this idea is already in use by the army from where i come from…served in the military and they have been using this for awhile now…

  • Sue says:

    Am willing to believe you didn’t read the part where it mentions disaster conditions right?
    Or maybe having never been in such condition you don’t realise that the benefit of having a roughly working infrastructure to help with immediate cases far outweighs the smallness, corners and obstruction to doors as well as the less than extremely sterile conditions.
    Also i don’t know if you have travelled to so called 3rd world countries, but most area health centres or so called hospitals are pretty lacking in hygiene and spaciousness.

  • Craig says:

    Even if this idea is being used in some fashion already, this is a new spin that is well thought out and has a ton of potential.

    The solar panels, multiple module types that quite easily make a complex, the flexibility of the design itself – this is actually a brilliant new spin and could be created for pennies on the dollar if it WASN’T made by the military.

    Private foundations could build these and donate them to emergency services around the globe.

  • joel lim says:

    Hi @craig and @sue maybe i sounded harsh but i didnt say it wasn’t a good idea and that it has no potential. it definitely does…i was just sharing that it is a tried and tested concept of using a container as a portable hospital. 🙂

  • Dorian Gray says:

    If this happens in less than 5 years, humanity will be saved. No joke.

  • pH14.5 says:

    But isn’t it a little funny to have the inpatients the same container with the morgue? How easily accessible when someone dies.

    The ironic part is the fact that the inpatients wards are suppose to be a healing area and the idea of some others who passed on is just next door?

    The concept is great! But since they are in containers, why not consider how an actual hospital works? Lay them out in a way where all details are covered rather than just presenting an idea thru.

    I am not P btw…

  • Jimmy C says:

    Very nice! I love the modularity of this design, I feel that’s very important.

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  • Oscar says:


    Please contact with me. I am planning to build several clinics in containers and I will apreciate your help.


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