A Little Improvement Goes a Long Way

Vapen is a simple, yet ingenious improvement on the guide dog harness that incorporates a ball joint socket into the handle of the harness, providing people with visual impairments strengthened communication with their animal and improving ergonomics for their hand. The ball joint socket also allows the  harness to be reassembled into a walking cane, reducing the number of items the user must carry. For further customization the handle and cane are adjustable in length to fit various users and dogs.

Designer: Eva Foo


  • It was interesting seeing the design of this dog harness. Can it be used on regular dogs to take them on a walk alongside its primary use for seeing-eye dogs?

  • Eva Foo says:

    Unfortunately, Vapen can only be used on Guide Dogs since they are trained to be in the Guide Dog harness. It is not only a tool for the people with visual impairments to communicate with their Guide Dogs but also a sign for the sighted people to know that the dog with the harness is a service dog and is working.

    If you like to know more about Vapen, please visit my portfolio: http://www.coroflot.com/eva617

    Thank you.

  • rebecca says:

    price please?

  • D says:

    Can you buy this somewhere?

  • Jason Stankoski says:

    HI I am a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor in Australia May I purchase this harness for a trial with one of our clients. I can supply all pertinent measurements for the can and the harness.

  • Matthew Easton says:

    I am interested in more information in regards to the Vaspen Guide Dog harness. I work for a Guide Dog organization and I am interested in testing. Thank you,

  • SBowyer says:

    Hi, I am interested in this harness for a service dog who’s owner has balance and mobility issues. A harness with a handle is what he and his dog need, and this looks like an improvement over the current harness they are using. However, I cannot find this for sale anywhere. Is this in production or just a prototype? Thank you, SB

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