Guessing Game!

Yes this is the famous Guessing Game, a time when we editors are at a loss of words and can’t think of a better way to introduce an idea.

Hint for today: It’s meant for Women ( yes it looks like designer maxipad, but it isn’t )

Leave your comment first and then read the description! Play fair, we trust you!

No prizes, but a big round of applause if you guessed that this is exercise equipment. “For Mom” is a tidy piece of tool for pregnant women. It’s supposed to help moms stay fit by doing appropriate stretching exercises and even help shed those post-pregnancy pounds. It’s effective only if you use the thang, buying and storing it in the cupboard will not help!

Designer: Ahn Hyun Ji

[youtube: 605 445]


For Mom – Exercise Equipment For Pregnant Women by Ahn Hyun Ji