Inflatable Furnishings

The Bojaki collection of inflatable, foldable, flat-pack housewares & furniture aims to integrate the user into the manufacturing process, strengthening the user’s bond to the piece while easing on transportation & production costs. Though the fabric looks soft & squishy, it is very rigid making it sturdy enough to hang or hold the weight of a sitting person. Consistent use of buckles, strings, & eyelets to bind the unique fabric ensure aesthetic continuity though shapes & purposes vary from piece to piece.

Designer: Jy-Yeon Suh


  • They are fun, but not so useful… I think!

  • Pheobe says:


  • dayou says:

    Dear Jy-Yeon Suh Miss:
    I was in Guangzhou City yipai Furniture Co. dengdayou sir, inflatable furniture design is very interested, I also developed inflatable furniture designer and would like to know your design using inflatable materials, like PVC with our general not the same, can you tell me what materials you use inflatable furniture? If you are interested, and I am pleased to offer my design products for your reference. Thank you very much. E: [email protected]

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