Audi meets Audio with these wireless earphones!

It isn’t likely that the German car manufacturer would ever need to enter the audio industry, but owning them would be quite a power-move… like flashing that branded red cap while riding around in your Ferrari. Created as a concept by designer Yonghwan Kim, the Audi Hear (I’d much prefer if they’d been called the Audi-O) is a set of truly wireless earbuds designed for the car aficionado. They come in a super compact design that sit neatly within the ear, displaying the Audi branding to passers-by. What’s more is that they even come with a rather dashing looking charging dock that takes direct inspiration from a car’s form. Wouldn’t it be pretty amazing if you could use these to authenticate your car, using voice commands to get it to start, stop, or seamlessly shift into self-driving mode??

Designer: Yonghwan Kim