Hydraulic Cutting Tools Go Ergonomic

Hydraulic cutting tools can cut through strong materials like high-carbon alloy steel but they’re were original designed for industrial applications making it difficult to transport and use at the scene of a car wreck. HOC is a solution that ensures the safety and quick extrication due to its improved physical and cognitive ergonomics. The circular handle at the back of the tool is designed to accomodate to different work postures and decrease the risk of injuries.

HOC Rescue Power Tool is 2011 IDEA Winner!

Designer: Cenk Aytekin


  • oliver says:

    Hello, I am a volunteer firefighter, at first sight is very good idea and the modification made ​​to the tool, but I have a question, what was the environment in which the tool was evaluated for changes?, as I find is a little stiff to use, I do not understand it activate the command that opens or closes the leaves

  • SUe says:

    Wouldn’t a circular grip make it more liable to slip?
    Also the diameter of the circle would make it difficult to reach deep into narrow crevices i would think?

  • oliver says:

    When you talk of narrow crevices, what’s the point? Are the cracks that form in the vehicle where the blades are made?

  • miketat says:

    Hydraulic cutting tools are widely using these days in industries and there aer many kinds of tools which are using. Their structure should be like this that any worker would not got injured and it’s a nice post about the hydraulic cutting tools.

  • Erman Ilcin says:

    Hi, can someone please advise what would be the best choice of material for the following parts of the hydraulic cutting equipment:

    Cutting Blades
    Rod Piston
    Cutter casing


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