Amazing Rock Drill, Still Loud Though

ROC C1 is a compact rock drill solution for jobs where flexibility and maneuverability are key. It can be folded together and transported in a 10 foot container. Four independently controllable tracks are suitable for any terrain. The articulating arm enables free sideways and upwards motions. With a semi-autonomous solution the operator can work alongside the rig or at a distance.

Designer: Erik Borg with Atlas Copco


  • PEG says:

    the wheels like a copy of a BRAUN winner

  • Dimitar Krustev says:

    Design something that is going to save the planet not to help destroy it !!!

  • Ray says:

    Smaller, more compact drills will help save the planet. It means that the tracks that it produces will be smaller and will have less impact on the environment. As a sidenote I don’t actually believe it’s possible with our current tech to destroy the planet. It’s a big hunk of rock and even with all of our nukes we would not be able to scour the earth.

  • Guillaume says:

    Cool design and idea, but…
    It kinda already exists :

  • ahboythekid says:

    in the title you say ‘amazing rock drill’, but is it really that amazing?

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