An Insight into the Transport of 2030

So Mercedes-Benz brings their Smart Vision EQ Concept to CES, and they shut down part of the Las Vegas Strip for it…if you haven’t seen it already, then you’ll understand why this was completely acceptable. An all-electric, completely autonomous car, built for personalization without actual ownership – the Smart Vision EQ Concept lacks both a steering wheel and pedals.

Albeit this little guy is aimed at the year 2030 when ride-sharing is expected to be the main form of transport, when it’s not being used to shuttle around those of you lucky enough, the Smart Vision EQ can be used as a rolling informational display.

The entire dashboard is an attention-stealing screen that relays information regarding social media goings on, news updates, sports scores and whatever you wish considering it’s hooked up to the rider’s smartphone. However, if you can look away from this for one minute, you’ll find yourself staring out the windscreen which stretches all the way from front to back above the riders’ heads. Filled with small details that can be seen upon closer inspection, the Smart Vision EQ may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it, without doubt, can create excitement around the future of autonomous transport.

Designer: Mercedes-Benz