The Alfa Romeo USD Barchetta is a split-cockpit, social-distancing speed demon!

Do you ever see a car concept and just feel pain inside your heart knowing it probably won’t exist and you can never take it out for a spin? It’s a feeling I like to call ‘heart-brake’, and the Alfa Romeo USD Barchetta is giving me major heart-brake vibes…

Designed by Ugur Sahin, the USD Barchetta is a modern take on Alfa Romeo’s classics like the TZ1 and the 1981 Giulietta Barchetta with more contemporary styling that feels like a past-present-convergence. The front sports Alfa Romeo’s iconic V-shaped grille that gradually progresses into the V detail you see on the hood. Unlike the previous Barchetta models with circular headlamps, the USD Barchetta concept sports a more lean Bugatti Chiron-esque set of LED lights, sitting right above the vertical air-intakes. The LED lighting manifests on the back too, with a single strip traveling from left to right, and an F1-inspired third tail-light between the four tailpipe exhaust system.

I’m not entirely sure if Ugur Sahin designed the USD Barchetta keeping social distancing in mind, but the separated cockpits for the driver and rider seem like a pretty nice modern touch to the vehicle too!

Designer: Ugur Sahin Design