VW Rescue Rover

Living by the beach I’ve seen a handful of people be rescued by lifeguards, & I always wonder why the lifeguard system doesn’t invest in a single water-to-land vehicle rather than… take the pickup to the shore, to launch the jet-ski, to swim, & rescue the person. It seems a lot more practical right? Inspired by the 1940s Volkswagen Type 166, designer Sebastian Toddenroth came up with this amphibious Volkswagen Beach Rescue rover to make lifeguards’ jobs a tad easier and rescues a lot quicker.

What better brand to represent this concept than the reliable Volkswagen? This concept gives lifeguards the ability to move seamlessly from water to land, & allows them to perform omnidirectional maneuvers for increased agility and time efficiency.

Designer: Sebastian Toddenroth


  • stephen russell says:

    Test this in FL, Caribbean, Hawaii, PR, Mexico alone. Add bigger body to carry 2-4 patients from beach or surf to shore.
    Bigger Medkit area added, Radio,
    Must for Australia alone,
    Test in So CA??

  • Vogie says:

    Looks like something from a Bond Film. I like it!

  • Alex says:

    forget about rescue (short-term at least), call DARPA for a couple R&D grants. i can see a couple useful military applications even without the weird but innovative drive (don’t get me wrong, i kinda like it).

    …unless they already contacted you by now…
    hmm… i wonder how it would look in navy seal black

  • watt says:

    Jeez … how can designers complicate things…

    Those wheels are completetely useless in dry sand. They would bury themselves in there in no time.
    He should have looked at russian taiga/swamp vehicles, those are wheels that work, not these science-fiction multiwheels here.

  • Sammy says:

    As a volunteer emt/firefighter/rescue diver by the jersey shore I do believe that this is a great design for water rescue. What we have to do now is drive to the firehouse get the jet ski on a hitch go to the beach etc.. This would make response time so much quicker.
    Love the design now lets get to productions.

  • Kristof says:

    Rescue beach vehicle – hovercraft –

  • ben says:

    cool car

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