Getting Touchy with Time

Apple has really spoilt us silly with their groovy touch interface on phones and digital players. Taking this feel to the next level is designer Arash Karimi with his Wall and Bedside Table Touch Clock. The clock has a one giant App appeal and can be configured and navigated quite intuitively. What makes the design perfect for both wall-mount and bedside table, is the angled display. Sweet!

Designer: Arash Karimi


  • carl says:

    pointless useless gadget. i have clocks galore in my house. so why this?

  • Ray says:

    Since when do clocks need navigating? Wait… is it a time machine too? If you’re going to do this you might as well just make it touch screen to set the time (two fingers for the hour one for the minute).

  • foxworrior says:

    i need this clock, when will it be for sale?

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