Humble by Design

I have two printers at home and not one of them as smart as this Humble Home Printer by Tom Peach. For eons printers have got the second-class treatment as computer peripherals; at the most they get jazzed up with colors or integrate some new tech feature. Design-wise they remain boxy as ever! Humble is a refreshing change and given the detailed plans, I’m sure it will be a practical home option.

Tom says, “The home printing market is saturated with products that have been born out of the ‘office environment’. Their functionality, usability and styling originate from an environment intended for business, high levels of productivity and heavy usage. Humble moves away from conventional expectations of ‘a printer’ through simple and enjoyable interaction, heightened convenience, improved space economy, better ink level awareness and a reduction of work-related equipment visible in the home.”

Designer: Tom Peach