This low-key metal cylinder can take care of all your aromatic needs

Most of us probably take our sense of smell for granted, but it’s actually one of the easiest ways to put our minds in a state of calm and relaxation. Given how our world is becoming increasingly stressful these days, it’s no surprise that a growing number of people are taking to incense and essential oils to give themselves a temporary respite. Not all aromas are created equal, of course, and some of them require different devices or diffusers to work. Oil diffusers, for example, won’t work with incense, and there are different types of incense that often need a different kind of incense holder. Rather than stressing over those small details, this seemingly simple incense burner covers all the bases in a rather smart way.

Designer: Contexte Design

Although essential oils have become the most recent fad, it’s hardly the only way to give your nose a treat. Some people and cultures are more particular about incense, both either in stick or conical forms. There might even be some who prefer directly burning sandalwood or sage leaves instead of using these manufactured products. Rather than worrying about needing a different burner for each of these, Trataka is able to handle all of them with elegance and grace despite its very simple design.

At first glance, it’s a bit difficult to tell what Trataka is. It looks like a metal can with a sunken, concave top and sides that are cut off at four places. In reality, however, it’s made of two separate pieces, each with two “pillars” of the four sides, and these parts have different roles to play, depending on the type of aromatic experience you’re in the mood for. A hole at the top, for example, can hold your incense stick in place and catch the falling ash on the curved surface. That surface, however, can also act as a platform for cone-type incense.

Things get a bit more interesting when you consider you can put different things on top as well. For example, you can place a sprig of sage on top and burn it to let the aromatic smoke fill the room. Or you can put a few drops of your favorite oil on top and place a candle inside to heat it up. In fact, that bottom half can be used on its own as a candle holder to provide a gentle flicker of light any time you want. And when it’s not in use, it stands as a simple yet beautiful piece of minimalist decor on a desk or shelf.

Trataka doesn’t use gimmicks or complicated mechanisms to be able to serve different purposes. In fact, it’s all too simple, and that is exactly what makes it striking. Whether you’re looking forward to chilling with your favorite aromas or simply want something nice to look at, this unassuming but charming metal cylinder definitely does the trick in the simplest way.