The Smart-speaker that Puts Consumer Before Brand

The FABRIQ Chorus does what the smart-speaker industry should honestly be doing. Focusing on the consumer. Taking the best bits from everywhere, the Chorus combines style, sound, and eco-system into a single package.

Realizing that the Homepod was too restrictive, the Echo and Home too service-oriented, and the other brands and products too expensive, product designers and enthusiastic audio-connoisseurs at Toronto-based Shape Products built FABRIQ, a speaker that looks as stylish as they get, with high precision drivers and amplifiers that deliver booming audio, working on Amazon’s Alexa platform, and using its far-field voice recognition technology to provide a stellar smart-speaker experience that combines great software with great hardware too. Named Chorus rather too aptly, the speaker can pair with multiple units around the house to provide zero-latency streaming on all the speakers, so your house literally reverberates with the audio.

The name FABRIQ comes from its textile clad that brings a vibrancy to the otherwise cylindrical shape. While most speakers only play with color, FABRIQ plays with print, allowing you to choose a speaker that fits your personality, or the upholstery of your house. On the functionality front, the FABRIQ Chorus makes no compromises. It delivers high-end audio, integrates with your smart-home, and works with all your services without batting an eyelid. With two 2-inch precision drivers and a passive radiator on the inside, the Chorus reproduces music at about 90% of the human hearing range. Far-field microphones mean you can talk to your speaker from anywhere around the house and it’ll listen to you. You can even choose to disable the microphones with the push of a button, giving you privacy that’s usually hard to find in today’s IoT dominated homes.

The Chorus’ $99 price tag puts it well above its competition, allowing it to be the only hi-fi audio smart-speaker on the market in its price range. Throw in the capability to allow multiple speakers to interconnect, the ability to toggle your microphone (and along with it, protect your privacy), the wireless charging dock, and its 6-hour battery life and you’ve sealed the deal!

Designer: Shape Products for FABRIQ

Click here to Buy Now! 25% off with the code FABRIQ25.











Click here to Buy Now! 25% off with the code FABRIQ25.