Romantic Magnetism in Light

GEO Magnetic is quite an awesome lamp as far as design thinking goes. The basic lamp is a halo of light that glides up and down a steel rail, using magnetic attraction. The base halo holds a ball shape switch that looks suspended but is held in place using a fine thread. There are three levels of illumination and the electric current flowing into each section varies in intensity, this allows the spherical switch to shift its position to on/off.

Besides being a desk lamp, the GEO Magnetic doubles up as a romantic moodlight when the light halo is glided closer to the base.

Designers: Hyungwoo Uhm & Jaeryong Lee


  • I don’t all details, but the concept is cool

  • Thijs says:

    Cool details, though it looks like an effective way to get electrocuted. The switch is really cool.

  • Dustin says:

    It doesn’t mention it anywhere, but I would imagine that the concept uses LEDs as a light source. They run on low voltage DC current, so the exposed metal should be fine to touch.

    I love the aspect of play introduced into a mundane everyday object. Fun design.

  • Mauricio velez says:

    I want one ASAP,where can I get one please let me know

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