A car for the adrenaline junkie


BMW may have showcased some wild concepts under its Vision 100 project, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see any more conceptual designs! Clara, Benjamin, Luis and Jean-Marc put together a future-ready autonomous escort vehicle meant for sporting purposes. The BMW xBase makes accommodations for all types of sports equipment with its rather large interior space along with even external fixing mechanisms. The doors on either side are merged to form a large singular door that opens upwards, giving you enough space to mount or un-mount equipment… although my personal reason for appreciating this design is a small little design feature that one may have missed. Look in the interiors and you’ll see seats facing each other, mimicking the way people sit facing each other in a plane before going skydiving, or on a boat before scuba diving, subconsciously reinforcing the feeling of that adrenaline rush. This subtle design element (of seats facing one another) probably makes the BMW xBase the ideal sports/adventure escort vehicle more than anything else!

Designers: Clara Fessler, Benjamin Loinger, Luis Meixner & Jean-Marc Wilkens.