B’lock’buster Design!


I get these mixed feelings when I see brilliant design. I’m awed by it but at the same time, I’m jealous for not thinking of something similar before. That’s the beauty of Bicycle Guardians, it’s simple, it’s brilliant, and it has this thing I call the “Aha moment”, which is what you feel when you see a design that adrenalizes your brain. Bicycle Guardians is a brilliant way to lock your bike without having to invest in a separate, obtrusive locking device. P.S. How ugly are those godawful bike chains!

The Bicycle Guardians reinvents the humble little bike pedal by making it the very device that locks your bike. Without changing the appearance of the pedal at all, designer Qi Qiu adds a brilliant value to that little chunk of plastic under our feet that we take for granted. The Pedal’s outer form revolves on an axis, allowing it to swivel inwards and lock on the bike frame, making it impossible to pedal the bike in the first place. A keyhole is probably the only visual change that’s brought to the pedal, which allows you to lock or unlock the pedal’s ‘U’ shaped lock-piece. Isn’t it just the most elegant, and unsuspectingly awesome design solution you’ve seen?

Designer: Qi Qiu