New Kinda Traffic Lights

Urban weather conditions have rapidly deteriorated over the years and I experience this firsthand in my smog-ridden city. One of the side effects is decreased road visibility for motorists and increased incidents of pedestrian accidents. Designers have been working on developing fabrics and materials that increase visibility of cyclists, however the pedestrian segment has been largely ignored. Here is a special kind of fabric with LED lights interwoven into the textile, and can be worn by anyone.

Visibility is Your Security in Traffic is a made up of Smart Textiles, cotton and stainless steel with integrated LEDs. The fabric can be customized and hand washed too! The use of stainless steel does away with the need for cables and wires to link the bulbs. It is knitted together with cotton thread, and sewn with cotton fabric. The fabric provides fixed visual and tactile on/off buttons. The battery is encased in waterproof plastic that can withstand washing and various weather conditions.

I can imagine myself using this as a mesmerizing shawl, the new age Pashmina!

Designer: Ann Viola Ulvin