Let Your Phone Do the Seeing


Theia Vision serves as set of eyes for users living with visual impairments. The system consists of a wearable camera and phone app that convert live video into audio feedback for a variety of purposes that aim to make life easier. It utilizes an innovative neural network that performs object detection in real time. Other designs that have attempted to do the same thing are usually large, bulky headsets. Theia, however, is designed to be attached to a pair of ordinary glasses or sunglasses. Its minimal style makes it unnoticeable to anyone but the wearer.

Designers: Karan Chawla and Rishabh Doshi


Its 5 modes include:

– Object Detection: looks for and recognizes objects in unknown surroundings
– Navigation: helps users navigate by alerting to stop signs, traffic signals and street signs while also providing directions
– Color Detection: helps users identify prominent colors to coordinate clothing
– Currency Identification: ensures users are making accurate transactions with appropriate bills
– Text to Speech: identifies text and reads to user when Braille is not available