Christmas Gifts For Your Folks!

I came across this beautiful quote about how Christmas is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas. Tis’ the season of giving they say. What do you plan to gift your loved ones with this year? Here’s a list I’ve complied of some thoughtful items, maybe something from it will strike a cord and bring you and yours Christmas cheer .

Jar Tile by Design Glut

Jar Tile is for the mess cat who can’t keep things in place and find them at the right time.

Price: $30

Newspaper Rain Bag by MEGAWING

Got something against umbrellas-ella, ella (sorry couldn’t resist)? The Newspaper Rain Bag changes it up and does it with style. Stay high and dry.

Price: $68

Hookeychain Magnet by MEGAWING

Hookeychain qualifies as a family gift, meant for everyone. A home needs a place for us to hang the keys and this magnetic beauty will keep you from yelling “where are my keys!” every morning.

Colors: Gold, Black & Silver

Price: $16

Reveal Watch – Red by Projects

Red is the flavor of this season. The Reveal Watch in red is perfect to show your loved one how much you care and wish they were on time.
Price: $100

Carga ØW1 Sling Bag by Carga

This tri-fold sling bag can be the ideal gift for your husband. Our editor has one and turns heads with it. Honey, it’s very GQ.

Price: $ 175

Webble Active Footrest by NONOBJECT

Webble is a relevant and thoughtful gift for someone who sits for long hours. Keeps feet engaged and prevents fatigue. I hope my husband is reading this post!

Price: $149.95

Setgo System Large Bi-fold Wallet by Setgo

Wallets always make a perfect gift, no matter what the occasion. The Setgo System Large Bi-fold Wallet is great for someone who likes to carry their credit cards in style.

Price: $75

Wine Knot Wine Rack by Scott Henderson

The wine connoisseur of the family deserves the Wine Knot Wine Rack. This elegant design can hold up to seven of the finest spirits. Com’on, we all have a couple booze-hounds in the family. You know who you could get this for.

Price: $128

Sorapot by Joey Roth

Brewing tea is an art form only the devout follow. Parents big tea drinkers? This is an elegant and practical gift – beautiful enough for them to leave out on display.

Price: Brushed: $199; Mirrored $249

Cloud Chair

Plush and comfortable, the Cloud chair is for your girl. A luxurious chair for her to sit back, relax and curl up with a good book. Warning, you might like it too much to give up.

Price: $949