The Pen That’s Fit For Any Occasion!

A pen is something that we all use, and believe it or not it can say a lot about our personality. So, the ZeroHour Apex Bolt is the perfect pen to make you both look and feel like a complete badass!

Packed with a plethora of unique yet functional elements, it’s a pen that you’ll never want to leave your side. A ceramic ball-bearing creates the tip of the pen, this makes it capable of breaking glass in the event of an emergency… while also adding something to brag about! Concealed within the utilitarian exterior is a Hex-Bit socket that converts the writing device into a precision screwdriver!

All this before we have even got to the primary feature of a pen, and as you would have probably guessed… this isn’t your usual ball point! The cartridge is no other than the patented Fisher Space Pen; the Nitrogen-pressurised cartridge that houses a tungsten carbide ball is capable of writing in zero-gravity, underwater and in temperatures ranging from -30 °F to 250 °F. While it’s unlikely you will ever need to use a pen in these conditions, it’s good to know that you can!

But none of these features are as desirable as the highly satisfying bolt mechanism; the operation can be carried out single-handedly in a quick, smooth and solid movement. This mechanism eliminates the pesky ink spills in your pockets as well as making it perfect for all you fidgeters!

Designer: Aaron Son

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Designed with indestructible materials and a waterproof ink cartridge, BOLT reaches the next APEX with a bolt action release, ceramic glass-breaking tip, removable pocket clip, and a hidden hex-bit screwdriver for precision repairs.


Available in three stunning finishes, each one offers a different feel: BLACK MATTE ALUMINUM is light and grippy; POLISHED TITANIUM is smooth and refined; and SANDBLASTED TITANIUM has that natural grit.


An improved ergonomic grip and balanced weight distribution make BOLT feel extremely smooth and light in the hand, while the premium metals give your pen nearly indestructible strength.

Bolt Action

A screw cap adds weight and elegance to your pen, but it also adds time to your work. Click pens are an efficient solution, until they accidentally click ink all over your clothes. The bolt action mechanism saves time with a single-handed pen release, yet securely locks your pen in position, keeping the ink where you want it.

For all the fidgeters out there, bolt action also gives you a new way to play with your pen, unlocking your imagination with a fun and simple tactile release.


Ceramic Tip

Capable of breaking glass when you need to enter or exit a space quickly, or for self-defense to strike an assailant in close combat.

The smooth ceramic ball bearing allows you to keep the tip exposed without poking or scratching yourself unexpectedly. While the ceramic tip is pocket-safe, if you’d like to switch it up, we are also developing a flat cap add-on.

Fisher Cartridge

Apex Bolt’s brass ink cartridge is none other than the patented Fisher Space Pen refill (Medium Black PR4). Nitrogen-pressurized and sealed, with a tungsten carbide ball and stainless steel point, the Fisher cartridge can write in zero gravity, underwater, over wet and greasy paper, at any angle, and from -30 °F to 250 °F!

We chose the Fisher Space Cartridge as our exclusive ink refill because it’s simply the best and most reliable one ever made. NASA, armed forces, public safety, and outdoor enthusiasts depend on Fisher’s durability, versatility, and thixotropic ink, which writes three times longer than an ordinary ballpoint.


Hex-Bit Socket

Convert your tactical pen to a precision screwdriver capable of repairing common consumer electronics and household items. With BOLT by your side, you can open your computer frame, fix your glasses, or tighten the screws on your favorite ZEROHOUR product. We will offer an optional 33-bit set that supports Flathead, Phillips, Hex and TORX bits.

Click here to Buy Now: $59.00. Hurry, less than 48 hours left!