The Power Of Musical Resonance And Décor

There is a reason why they say that music is a universal language that transcends all boundaries. It is powerful enough to break all barriers and yet potent enough to create the most memorable moments of our lives. For example, how many of you have that ‘our song’ with the one you love? Now imagine converting the intensity of that music into Spectrum Decor Artwork or maybe a recorded ‘I Love You’ sound waves for Resonant Decor!

How both these personalized artworks work is simple, you send across a piece of your favourite music (maybe just the best clip) to Vapor Sky and these good folks turn that music into varying frequencies of sound for the Spectrum Decor and into magnificent sound waves for the Resonant Decor.

The fundamentals for this are pretty unique; imagine owning an art décor that is a graphical representation of a U2 or Police song. So very deep! With Valentines round the bend, maybe you can convert your special song into this great artwork gift; how about that!

For the sake of clarity, any kind of recorded music works best with Spectrum Decor, on the other hand self-recorded audio like animal sounds, child’s laughter, fetal heartbeats, or voice recordings like ‘I Love You’ work best with Resonant Decor and create the best looking waveforms.

Spectrum Decor:

Some songs leave us with a lasting impression, simply choose a specific music (30 seconds or longer), the length of that music and the varying frequencies of sound and its intensity is recreated as artwork for your wall. Details can be found here.

Resonant Decor:

Certain sounds really connect with us on a subconscious level. Resonant Decor captures the waves of those sounds on canvas in your brilliant color choice. You can personalize your artwork and select from five landscape sizes. Details can be found here.

Just know that you can get a digital version of your artwork for keeps and even personalize your smartphone or computer wallpaper. There are many ways to enjoy your music, and here are some of them!