Teeth for your Tea Drinking

If you’re anything like me, you’re sad that it is no longer Halloween (unless, when you’re reading this, it is again Halloween, then hooray!) So you must find all sorts of amazingly strange ways to make it your favorite day of darkness all year long. Here is one of those things. It’s a teeth mug. You can buy it, you should buy it, it’s weird, it’s wonderful. Also it’s for coffee, but if you’re already this far, might as well fill it with something nastier.

You can feel free to drink out of the smooth side or flip it around to drink through the realistic gaps in the human-like teeth on the other side. Either way, people will be puking with pleasure to see you sip.

Designer: Megawing [Buy It Here Teeth Mug is available for $24 @ YD Store]

Teeth Mug is available for $24 @ YD Store