Fridge on Top of Fridge on Top of Fridge

Have you rented a house lately? I’ve noticed something about rental places. They all (most) have just those white or yellow full old fridges. Made for people who have eyes on long tendrils. Or for hotdish, which I do not object to. Anyway. What we’ve got here is what modern folks in living situations (everyone in the world) should get their paws on for kitchen time. The “Celsius” – modular refrigeration unit.

From floor to waist, use the drawer units. For above the waist, use the cabinet-style. See all food though double-glazed and tinted doors. Custom inserts for every different little sort of item, and I quote, “fruit, vegetables, meat & fish, dairy, bottles & jars, pantry and win as well as optional shelf space.”

Each unit has 5 temperature presets, each of them tweakable. The temp inside the unit is displayed on its control panel’s LCD screen. Black satin cabinets with silky smooth features such as recessed handle grooves and streamlined glass panels. Adjustable feet allowing nice looks in the kitchen, the living room, or whatever room you like.

(Bathroom beertime?)

(I think so.)

Statistics and facts time from the source!

In order to maintain efficiency and standards, each cabinet is manufactured according to current practice. Cabinets are assembled from 0.5mm Cold Rolled Coil Steel with Polyurethane insulation. The compressor, condenser and evaporator coils as well as heat sinks are located in the base unit. The system includes an adaptation of existing airflow technology. Supply and return of refrigerated air takes place in the two airstream pipes located at the back of the refrigerator, each containing a system of fans, which create a forced airflow, drawing on refrigerated air generated by the base unit. A baffle in each cabinet opens and closes to regulate airflow and temperature inside the refrigerated space. A thermocouple located in the wall of each cabinet senses a rise or drop in temperature, relays to the CPU, which sends a charge to a bellows, which compresses or expands, pulling the baffle open or closed, depending on the temperature requirement.

Very nice.

Each unit sold separately.

Each little cabinet, that is.

Good idea.

Designer: Angeline Meloche


  • Luke says:

    It’s not a terrible idea, but a single, monolithic fridge would offer more usable space for a given height and footprint. Not to mention, cleaning the dust and gunk out between the modules would be a nightmare.

    • nizam says:

      Each unit sold separately.if the r seperatable there wont be problem in cleaning

    • nizam says:

      I don’t find any complaints to lodge. without losing a single unit you wont get a multi unit. easy to handle and storage, no wastage power searching things long time, visible frontage helps to save time, and lit of advantages are there, God only perfect and all others are not.

  • Nick says:

    I like the functional idea of separating the compartments in stand alone products. However, does that mean that each would have its own refrigeration system? That would mean that a full stack (4 modules) would need 4 times the components and power cords that a stand alone unit would use, 4 times the cost.
    Also, the way they fit together needs some refinement. It looks like dust would accumulate in between the modules. Aesthetically, the modules do not visually fit together harmoniously, is there a way of making that more seamless?

    Keep up the good work!

  • pjay says:

    I-i-i- dont know

  • nizam says:

    Its an amazing idea and will be very useful to the every one in various ways.

  • trimtab21 says:

    i think kitchen surfaces must be easily cleanable so i am not sure how easy it is to clean between the modules where you cannot reach your hand – the top of each module is a cleaning problem.

  • naridas says:

    i dont really care if its hard to clean in between because its so much easier for the people who move around a lot since you its not one giant fridge

  • KwangErn says:

    Cool, I like the concept. 🙂

    Not sure how the implementation will be…as Nick mentioned.

  • neko says:

    how old is this design? two years ago i submited this concept to a whirlpool design contest in mexico, details and all

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