Multiple Indubitable Perceptions

Here’s a clock to add to your collection of oddest clocks of all time. This is the Parallel of Time clock and it’s a concept reflecting off the idea that although the speed of time is indubitable (the designer used this word, and I love it, so I will keep using it forever,) the perception everyone has of it is different. Time is perceived. Here is a strange clock.

Using multiple clocks and cables to create an number of parallelograms, there is a design of a clock. Each parallelogram is interconnected, creating an illusion, an axonometric (three dimensional but without perspective) timepiece.

This clock works because the hands on every clock (in the same time zone) produce the same angle. Thus, the lengths of the cables which connect them remain constant, and there is no crash. Additionally, the hour hands and minute hands are positioned on either side of the glass to further prevent collisions.

Designer: John Leung of ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects