Smart Tags will alert you when your food’s losing freshness!

Food wastage is quite a serious matter. We buy things, forget we’ve bought them and throw them away after weeks because they’ve gone stale. It only makes sense that we rely on AI to combat food wastage, and the Ovie Smarterware wants to do just that. The Smarterware eco-system revolves around smart tags, that store the nature of the item, its purchase date, and its expiry date. These tags fit into either Ovie’s Smarterware container or the Smarterware clip, and keep track of what you’re buying as well as when you’re buying them. When items start sitting around too long, the Smarterware clips ping you either on your phone or via your smart speaker, not only letting you know your veggies/meats are going stale, but they also browse through recipes for you to use those ingredients in!

Using a Smarterware tag is as simple as tagging your produce on Ovie’s app before storing it in your fridge. A Smarterware hub plugged into an outlet outside the fridge allows for communication between the Smarterware tags and your smartphone/smart-speaker, while the Smarterware tags themselves communicate with you visually through the medium of a colored ring that goes from green to yellow to red as your produce ages.

Working with everything from veggies to meats, and from dairy to poultry, the Ovie Smarterware uses IoT and AI to solve two problems. One, the problem of food wastage, and two, the problem of not knowing what to cook based on what you have in your fridge!

Designers: Ty Thompson, Dave Joseph, Stacie Thompson & Scott Wilson.