Zippers for your Choco Drinking

If you’re the sort of person who reads Yanko Design all the time, you may remember just the other day when we posted a cup of some creepy magnitude. T’was a Teeth Mug and it touched its deadly chompers to your as you sipped. Now there’s something else. A bit of a zip. The Zipper Cup (believe it or not, designed by the same designer as the Teeth Mug) comes in a set of two so you can bundle up for the winter with a nice jacket of hot cocoa with a friend or loved one. Or if you love your friends, the same person.

These cups are white ceramic and are sold as a pair with two zippy coasters and set inside an original gift box (tea bag not included.)

Designer: Lee Weilang of Megawing [Buy It Here Zipper Cup (Set of 2) is available for $40 @ YD Store]

Zipper Cup (Set of 2) is available for $40 @ YD Store