Sphere of Dry Shoes

Of all the footwear dryers in the world, boy oh boy, this seems to me to be the best one I’ve seen all year. I don’t have that much experience with shoe thawers or dryers, but I do remember putting my boots on the heater when I was a kid to dry off all the snow. That I remember. I also remember that when they were put on the heater, they’d get mostly dry, but there’d always be that little pocket of squish left over. Nasty. This “Orbicle” we’re talking about here has no squish.

Designer Seo Jin Hyeon informs us that most of the shoe dryers in the world are basically unhygienic. I believe it! Shoes can get pretty nasty, especially if they’re getting wet all the time. Fungus grows in there down by your toes, and that’s gross. With this shoe dryer by the name of Orbicle, you can check on your shoes as they dry from the inside out. Get yourself either the single sphere or the triple threat!

I bet the big one’s for people who’ve got a daycare with lots of kids who get into the snow on a regular basis.

Designer: Seo jin hyeon