8,820 Relaxing Sharp Points, Yantra Mat Review

When a colleague and a yogi friend of ours told us about an acupressure mat that could release physical tension and improve mental well being- we had to try it. The Yantra Mat has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Blunt nail beds were used to increase blood flow and purify the body of toxins. Fortunately the Yantra Mat is much less archaic and far more portable. Home acupressure, here we come. Hit the jump for our review.

The Yantra Mat is a cushioned mat, slightly smaller than a yoga mat.  The surface is covered with ABS plastic discs with sharp points combining to give you 8,820 points of contact. I’ll admit at first I was very weary. They’re not sharp enough to break skin but on initial inspection, my finger registered pain. But how could this be? It’s supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating.

Taking deep breaths, I followed the instructions and gingerly laid down on the mat. Yes it’s uncomfortable but then something strange happens. Your back starts to feel warm. The discomfort is displaced with an odd sensation, like all the muscles in the back gave way. You can literally feel the tension release and you sort of sink deeper into the mat. At this point, you decide what’s most comfortable. Stay on as long as you please. Some may even fall asleep, although I was never quite that comfortable.

With regular use, I’ve found the mat to be indispensable. I used to subscribe to hand held massagers but the Yantra Mat is so much easier to use. There’s certainly a feeling of serenity and although I can’t vouch for the medical soundness of acupressure, I can say without a doubt, it’s enabled me to shed the day’s stresses away. It’s given me daily piece of mind and that’s priceless.

I highly recommend this. Try it out. They come in different sizes and colors. If you find it too hard to lay on at first, spread a sheet over it. Build up to the point where you can lay on it bare for 15 minutes. It’ll change your body and may even change your life.

Designer: Yantra Mat (Buy it here)