A Table to Sit In

The designers at UNStudio, those folks who design football stadiums, have released this lovely weird new table. It’s got a place to sit, right inside of it. It’s called SitTable and it’s designed for PROOFF. Made to make the table more than just a component, instead turning this one piece of furniture into a place to lounge, meet with other people, converse, or just have a nice book reading. Two color combinations for everyone’s pleasure.

It’s a hybrid that offers itself up as a completely singular option for multiple situations, including waiting rooms, office meeting rooms, or if you’re planning on making an awesome funhouse like me, your Dungeons and Dragons room. Dungeon Master gets the head seat!

SitTable Type 1 (pictured):
tabletop: wood veneer, dark oak A32 – Morado
fabric seat: Divina 462 ( mustard yellow )
frame: steel C3, Anthraciet Grey
l x w x h: 3800 x 1750 x 750mm.

SitTable Type 2 (pictured):
tabletop: white HPL, white veneer
fabric seat: Divina 692 ( purple )
frame: steel C3, Anthraciet Grey
l x w x h: 5450 x 1750 x 750mm.

Photography: Roel van Tour & Pim Top

Designer: UNStudio for PROOFF