This bedside table with an inbuilt wireless charging hub is the trend that IKEA should pick up!

We have so many gadgets these days, and the requirement for equal charging points to keep them juiced at all times and the cables lying around gets me vexed. More so in current times when we are primarily stuck in the safe confines of our home as the variant strains of the COVID-19 virus are emerging worldwide. So, how do you keep your gadgets charged up for getting over boredom at all times, minus the hassles of wired chargers? Wireless charging is one way to do it, but the charging docs have a particular designated area where the mobile devices need to be kept for them to function. Won’t it be great if there was a side table that doubled as a wireless charging hub for all your gadgets? The ease of just keeping them on the side table when you snooze and the charging is taken care of while you rest!

The SNOOZE by Subin Cho does exactly that, and it uses magnetic resonant wireless charging technology to keep the devices charged seamlessly. This makes complete sense, as the craving for multiple wirelessly charge capable devices like smartphones, tablets, earphones, or headphones will not shun any time soon. The designer believes that the technology will be commercialized in 2023, and SNOOZE will be there to take up all the hassle for you. The charging plate built in the bedside table’s upper section charges any wireless compatible mobile device, audio accessories, or any other compatible device kept in the range of 50 cm. The light on the bedside table is an indicator of the charging range, and whenever a device comes in this area, the light turns on, and charging commences. For bedside lamp function, the swipe bar on one side can be used to control the brightness levels. The sleek, minimal design of Snooze with its modern aesthetics brings to mind a point when IKEA goes electric. And honestly, we wouldn’t mind having a range of such multifunctional products at our disposal. 

The user can charge up to 6 devices simultaneously, and the compatible app shows the charge level of the particular device and the number in which the devices are connected. As for the design, the bedside table is height adjustable and comes in a very modern overall design and material finish. The drawers and the bottom section function just like any other side table to keep things like books, keychains, or other things. Overall a very sleek design that can easily see fruition due to its practicality. IKEA, I hope you are listening!

Designer: Subin Cho