This wearable speaker combines the best features of earphones and portable speakers

Sure we’ve seen portable speakers but have you seen a wearable speaker? No, not a concept, this Tech-Life BoomBand is a wearable speaker you can actually own if you want to expand your audio and tech collection with the coolest gadgets. Why do we need a wearable speaker, we can just use earphones or use our portable speakers, right? Not quite, let me tell you why.

One of the most common reasons for accidents on the road is people wearing headphones or earphones while they walk, ride bikes or drive. Earphones and headphones cut out a lot of ambient noise and we often get lost in the sound which can be unsafe. Portable speakers are not something you can slip into your pocket or carry around in your hand – it is simply inconvenient. That’s when a sleek, unobtrusive, wearable speaker like the BoomBand comes into the picture to give you the best of both worlds – you don’t have to ‘carry’ it and you will still be able to hear important announcements while having your music within your reach.

It has six hours of battery life (more than any wireless audio earphones or headphones can claim) so you can actually get away with forgetting your portable Bluetooth speaker at a picnic if you have the BoomBand! Tech Life has designed this personal gadget to release crisp and clear sound while keeping the form as compact as a wristwatch, you can tune it to your desired volume or raise it if you’re the DJ in your social circle. This nifty device is lightweight, comfortable, and blends with your wardrobe seamlessly.

Designer: Tech-Life