Container of All Sparks

Presenting the “AllSpark.” If you’re a Transformers fan, you recognize that name, and you bet Dutch interior designer Tieme Rietveld knows that you know it. Rietveld presents an audio/video cabinet made for TV personality Valerio Zeno (it’s a one off,) fabulous enough to share and shoot out sparks about a production model. Get excited about putting all your AV equipment in there and have fun opening and closing it all day and night. Rietveld constructed this cabinet with the live-action Transformers movies in mind, taking their Allspark and turning it into a container of power in a poetic mix of lines and sectional openings – chaos and order.

Inside the AllSpark you can fit a complete Harman Kardon audio and video set including not one, but two subwoofers for maximum bass blast. A tiny infrared receiver in one of the doors that hooks up to all the devices allowing you to use wireless controllers with the doors closed. Handleless doors, finished with glossy white.

Designer: Tieme Rietveld