This colorful writing desk brings energy and playfulness to your busy work

The desk has always been associated with serious activities, whether it’s work from the office, school work, or anything else that requires your utmost concentration. That, unfortunately, gives this piece of furniture a solemn and almost emotionless atmosphere, something people would avoid under normal circumstances. That’s why most people try to add photos, toys, and knickknacks to their desks in an attempt to inject some life into their workspace. Of course, there’s no rule that says that desks need to be somber and serious affairs, as this multi-functional writing desk tries to prove with a dynamic composition of lines and colors that radiate vibrancy and energy that will hopefully help prime your mind for the work that lies ahead.

Designer: Alessandro Mendini (by Porro)

We’ve seen our fair share of desks here at Yanko Design, and most of them take the form of flat horizontal planes with plenty of room for papers, computers, and stationery. There is, however, also a class of desks, particularly writing desks, that are practically vertical shelves with retractable or fall-front/drop-front panels that transform into areas for writing, typing, and any other kind of work. The Linea writing desk is this latter kind, but it goes beyond the typical monochromatic wooden writing desks to add a bit of life to your space.

Based on rediscovered designs by famed postmodernist Italian architect and designer Alessandro Mendini, the Linea writing desk utilizes dynamic lines and bright colors to catch your attention and tickle your mind into activity. There are now gentle curves or circles here, just lines that cross each other to form geometric patterns usually associated with dynamism, such as triangles and diamonds.

Of course, lines aren’t enough to really make a design pop, and Linea also employs bold colors that complement and contrast with each other. The shiny cellulose acetate surfaces bring these hues to life, while the chiaroscuro effect of contrasting dark and light colors gives it more depth. The Linea writing desk goes against the flow of beautiful yet lifeless minimalist desks and makes an ode to boldness and creativity in the hopes of inspiring the same.

The writing desk is actually just one-third of a set that makes up this Linea line. Also part of that family are two low cupboards, one with hinged doors and another with an open face and a drawer. Regardless of the form, all three embrace the same design of lines and colors that capture not only the eyes but also the imagination, giving the brain a little exercise to help get your creative juices flowing for the work you’re about to face.