Business On the Top, Party On the Bottom

This eye-catching piece, called Hudson, combines an industrial structure with sophisticated modern accents. The focal point of the design is a bright, powder-coated base of intersecting legs that seem to play trick on the eye or change shape as the viewer moves. In contrast, its slim and elegantly carved tabletop is garnished with a striking intersecting diagonal inlay and is reminiscent of traditional Danish furniture.

Designer: Tronk Design


  • Steve says:

    Can we all stop innovating on table legs? The pedestal design is the most efficient way of raising a surface. There are infinite ways to do it, just a few optimal ways.

  • trimtab21 says:

    This looks allot like the paperclip table from the 1960’s. And unless the gap between the tapering rods is less than 4″ at any point, it is a lethal danger to toddlers due to head entrapment. The paperclip table caused six deaths among toddlers (and several house cats) before it was finally taken off the market. What happens is – the toddler gets his head between the tapering rods and then falls, his own weight wedging the neck and causing the windpipe to be crushed – the child dies from asphyxiation or a broken neck. If this product does not meet the 4″ criteria, PLEASE TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET IMMEDIATELY!!! You have no idea what it is like to loose a child – death is irreversible.

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