Zipped Tight Seat

This seat is the one you buy if you want everyone to say – “where did you get such a chair, such a completely unique and wild chair?” You want people to say that, right? You’re that kind of wacky fellow or lady, correct? Lemme tell you all about this chair “Zipfred.” It’s made of cable ties, 6 wooden elements, and 20 layers of cardboard. The cable ties hold the entire chair together solid, the entire structure in its final form looking like you bought it directly out of a modern art museum fancy shop.

Tie your sitting power together. It’s an amalgamation of ties, that’s what it is. Ask designer Viktor Matic (what a fantastic name, by the way,) what he did the day he received shipment of his first 10 chairs? You know he put them all together, one after the other, all the while listening to some “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” Then he took turns sitting on all of them because they’re so miraculous!

Designer: Viktor Matic for Nils Holger Moormann