Boards of The Living Dead

Inspired by author Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein story, designer Tlalit Segal Raayoni presents a set of wood furniture brought back from the dead, made to further our understanding of both the living and the not-so-alive trees in our world. Dr. Frankenstein wanted to understand the so-called “essence” of life and death, and to do this, combined the two – creating a strange beast, like yet unlike either of the two. So too is this new tiny collection “Vision of Dry Boards.” Behold the excellence of resurrected scraps of wood, put together and given the breath of new life.

Another thing Raayoni infuses into this set of furniture is the concept of “object-friends” – inanimate objects meant to present an animate presence. Sit on them and tell me if they speak to you.

Measurements: ladder – 180 cm, chair – 70 cm, bench – 150 cm
Materials: wood scraps

Designer: Tlalit Segal Raayoni