This UFO Stays Grounded

Have you ever had a set of those gigantic box speakers, the kind your mom or dad had hooked up to their turntable or radio tapedeck, the ones that had heads as big as yours? Did you ever decide that because you totally hated them, you’d get them good by turning the speakers downward, blasting the floor with sound? If you have, you know you get quite a unique sound depending on the materials and density of the surface under your feet. Designer Jm.Jo (Jeongmin Jo) found this out too, and thusly created and brought forth the UFO bluetooth speaker.

This little gadget is both a speaker and an MP3 player. It’s what Jm.Jo calls a “vibration speaker”, working with the material of the floor to bring forth a wild new quality. Magnets are installed along the rim so that it can be held in place on metal.

And guess what, all you people constantly asking this concept blog “where can I buy?” – you can buy this one! It’s already made, ready to go. You’ll have to be in Korea to find it though. Good luck!

Dimension : 90X42mm
Weigh : 130g
1Gb Internal flash memory
NXT Surface sound
Speaker with Wire Connection
Easy Interface
Playback time : speaker mode : 6 hours OR earphone : 15 hours

Designer: Jm.Jo (Jeongmin Jo)