Smart Plus – Not As Confusing As A Tech Movie

The working mechanics of tech gadgets in futuristic movies can really stump me at times, so for my sake, I’m going to try and keep this as simple as I can. The Smart Plus is a combination of a laptop case, projector keyboard and a Smartphone. There is no screen or a dedicated hardrive involved in the setup; the Smartphone itself is the “brains” in this combo. The inside of the case doubles up as a screen and the projector beams images to it or any other surface you desire. All of it together can be used as a laptop, gaming console or a phone.

The phone splits up into two where the bottom half is gaming controls and top touchscreen half, docks with the projector board. The idea for this new system is to do away with unnecessary electronic clutter and use the bare minimum. If nothing else, you can save up on individual internet options for your various devices and use only one for the Smart Plus.

Designer: Eunggyu Lee