Freshly Squeezed And Straight Into The Glass

The powers of observation can bring about revolutionary changes in the world of design. Although I wouldn’t classify the Steep Juicer as one such change, but it’s simple, logical design that stems from observing our surroundings is super. Jackob Mazor was particularly inspired by the hand-juicers that roadside stalls use. If you’ve noticed, their body has a spout which dispenses the juice directly into a glass. Good Observation!

Electric juicers normally have the juice collection container below the strainer. And after sufficient juice has been collected, we transfer the contents into the glass. With the Steep Juicer, the container is missing, the juice flows directly into the glass thanks to an angle in its body-design.

I only hope the body somehow detaches from the motor base (not specified by the designer), otherwise cleaning this juicer can be a problem, considering the electrical parts.

Lecturer: Yoav Ziv and Michal
Photographer: Sasha

Designer: Jackob Mazor