Walk Towards the Light…

Most of us take for granted the fundamental human need for enlightenment. No, I am not talking about being one with the Universe or counting beads. Besides, I look positively horrid in orange. I am talking about the simple need to physically see after the sun sets. We are not like most other creatures on Earth and don’t come equipped with super sweet night vision eyeballs. Let’s face it, we can fool ourselves all we want, but the truth is our modern society is held together with a hairline grasp of control and fear. If we lose the lights, we pretty much lose the ability to control fear, and therefore, we lose control of society. Scared yet? Fear not! Check out this civilization saving emergency “Liteplug” by Industrial Facility. Just leave this box plugged into any electrical socket and when the power grid gets shut down due to a Godzilla attack or computer virus, this life saver will kick in with sweet sweet LED luminescence. And to make sure this light lasts, they installed a motion sensor that detects when a human or sewer rat is near. Liteplug also acts as an emergency flashlight via a sliding panel the fully exposes the LED bulbs and covers the motion sensor. Now back to the Matrix.

Designer: Industrial Facility Studio


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