The Unplugged Version

I quite agree with designer Won Seok Choi when he says that every appearance has its meaning. For example a regular plug gives the vibe that it’s easy to push it into the socket and when we compare that to the Plug In & Out, which is an intuitive design, we get this feel that it’s an easy plug to pull out. In a very subtle way, his design makes us conscious of unplugging the cords, coz it saves us from wasting electricity.

The story board and image explanation may confuse some of you articulate English speaking folks, so let me explain the design to you. The plug has a rotating snap at its back and this also provides an easy grip for pulling out the cord. A soft light glows when the plug is in the “on” position, and goes off when you twist and pull out the cord.

Basically it may sound complex in writing, but if we are to adopt such plugs or even modify the design a bit to overcome the flaws, I don’t see why it won’t go on to be a commercial success.

Designer: Won Seok Choi