This Ain’t Your Mama’s Cutting Board

Its designers describe the Slice cutting board as being “characteristically defined by its purpose yet visually inviting of attention in any kitchen environment,” and I couldn’t have said it better myself!  The removal of two mirrored, wedge shapes from either side of the board enhances the functionality of effortless lifting and controlled funneling of sliced food in one movement. It’s functionally practical for the same reason that it’s beautiful… exactly what good design is all about!

Designers: Jonathan Fundudis & David Holgreaves


  • Ray says:

    You have, however, effectively cut down the cutting surface by 25%. It’s not particularly difficult to sweep things into your hand before they go into your pot of just into your pot anyways.

  • Chris Wellard says:

    Very nice design Dave and Jonathan. Simple solution to an old problem. Just yesterday I spilled veggies trying to “pour” them. I’d buy this.

  • Teto says:

    I’ts nice, but if i’m cutting tomatoes, where’s the liquid going? agree with ray

  • Alex says:

    Troy- You know I would love something like this. nothing worse than loosing pieces of food when you are cutting and mixing. As far as the liquid problem Teto, I think the cut in the board would direct juices away from the board in a concentrated place so you could drain before sweeping into your bowl/pot.

    Ray- you obviously don’t cook with hot peppers. if you have to touch them, the oil stays on your fingers/hands which is annoying, and heaven forbid you touch your eyes and forget to wash before.

    This is a great concept, I would like to see it in multiple sizes so that people like Ray still have a large cutting surface to use… =P


  • critical says:

    alex, try a cutting board before you post anything ever again please.


  • szilveszter says:

    MAybe use additive form get the “aid wall”
    So you dont loose 25% space of the desk 🙂

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