Now That’s A Spicy Egg

Designer Mike Flache has a wonderful aesthetic and a pleasing sense of humor. The Spice Egg is a magnetic salt cellar and pepper pot made of stainless chromium steel. Inspired by hundreds of mouth watering breakfasts around the world, he transformed the natural shape of a simple egg into a stylish accessory. Magnets in each section of the egg stick together and makes handling comfortable.

Designer: Mike Flache


  • neb says:

    wow, did anybody check out his website??
    it is the most pretentious drivel I have ever seen… amazing.

  • Toddrick says:

    Another case of form over function. Pepper dispensers should always include a grinder and the tiny holes in the salt shaker won’t accommodate most, if any, quality types of salt.

  • Confucius says:

    Yanko have entry standards, usually…

  • Dennis says:

    Traditionally, the pepper shaker has fewer or smaller holes than the salt shaker. This design, while innovative, has it backwards.

    Toddrick has it right.

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