A Simplified Sink

As some designers seem intent on inundating sinks with complicate gadgetry, others are taking a simpler approach. The Flow is a sink with the tap, basin and u-bend integrated into just two pieces. In the quest to create something harmonious yet functional, the Flow is an example of when “less is more” might be better.

Designer: Emil Rosen


  • mif991 says:

    I like it. But why did you choose to photograph this in an under-construction room? Presentation needs to improve. Also, why not design a whole bath set to go along with this unit? What is the sink made of?

  • meks says:

    With my admittedly limited experience with plumbing, fixtures with integrated plumbing are:

    a. limiting: only if wall plumbing is installed exactly to specs can this sink be installed, so probably would only work for new construction or with replacement of wall drain and water pipes. What if the sink breaks? Can I turn off the water at the wall somehow?

    b. expensive: if something goes wrong with a valve or in the u-bend (pretty common for bathroom lavs), then you would need to replace the old sink.

    I had a sink with an integrated faucet that needed to be replaced when it started leaking and there was no way to reach the faucet workings.

  • Noah says:

    great idea and also aplicable even if it will need segmented thermoforming die if it is made of plastic ,i assume there is guts for this system behind but how the tap is opened ? optical sensor

  • Ariane says:

    Congrat' Emil. Ariane.

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