Look Ma, Robot On My Wrist

I guess we have Hollywood and the Japanese to blame for our perception of a robot. Most often seen as a human clone, can you imagine it to be a device around your wrist? Designer Julian Grote explains, “the focus of the research was not to explore the potential of technological intelligence, but rather to explore the limitations of human attention and emotional resilience.” This wrist robot has the sole task of managing its owner’s everyday life. Interesting!

Although the robot provides service to its owner, it is quite dependant on his influence. It takes cues from behaviours like habits, preferences, appointments, stressful situations, environmental aspects, etc.

The robot reacts to the stimuli and provides helpful insights to the various situations. With the help of its electro active polymer surface it is able to draw the attention and depending on situation and mood of the owner the robot can also emply acoustics and image interaction.

Designer: Julian Grote