Epic Spray System by Robert Swinton

A new alternative to the traditional aerosol spray paint can, the Epic Spray System combines a paint bag with a refillable CO2 canister. By replacing standard propellants, Epic is safer to use indoors without a mask, avoids the risk of paint explosion and is better for the environment. With its comfortable hand grip and visible color contents, Epic reduces mess and frustration for crafts hobbyists and DIYers.

1. Unscrew the cap from the paint bag. A foil seal keeps the paint in the bag during this process. 2. Screw the nozzle and the paint bag into the cap. The cap houses the spray release trigger. 3. Lock the assembled piece and the CO2 into the polycarbonate tube, the nozzle faces forward. 4. Turn the valve on the front of the can to release CO2 pressure into the paint bag reservoir. 5. The CO2 pushes the paint bag from all sides and up through the cap, forcing the paint out.

Designer: Robert Swinton