No Mo Bear Foam

Wha? But doesn’t that mean it’s good? The foam? Well, I’d hope your beer’d have at least a little foam, but nay! You want smooth, tasty, liquid beer, not beer in bubble form. So what do you do? You tip your glass at an angle while you pour the beer inside. Now… what if the beer glass was already tipped, erasing that step in between you, your drink, and that perfect moment when it hits your lips?

Oh man, here it is! It’s the “Cerve-cero” beer mug by Sinapsis Team. They’ve got it going on right here. You can let the mug sit there on its side too, or if you’re in a bar, tell people that this side-sitting is how they should set their mug if they need a refill.


Designer: Sinapsis Team

Cerve-cero beer mug by Sinapsis Team