Junya Ishigami turns “tougher” materials into light and airy furniture

When you think of furniture made from materials like rattan, wood, leather, and steel, it evokes ideas mostly of sturdiness and toughness. And most of the designs we see seem to have varying degrees of rigidness and structure. You don’t normally associate adjectives like airiness, lightness, or delicacy with those that use these unless they’re mixed together with other materials that add something new to the design and the actual product.

Designer: Junya Ishigami

Japanese architect Junya Igashami has a design language that veers more towards simple, elegant, and delicate pieces. With his newest furniture series presented by Belgian gallery Maniera, he is still able to maintain this aesthetic but this time using the aforementioned “harder” materials: rattan, wood, leather, steel, and with the addition of glass materials as well. The designer used thin lines as a common theme for the various pieces so that you get a light and refreshing reimagination of the materials used for the furniture line.

The Ame low glass table seems to slightly float off the floor with its stainless steel and glass structure while the Maru-Shikaku Atelier table adds a rattan element. The Ame Isu line has different chairs including a rocking chair, a caster chair, a zaisu chair, and a “regular” chair and all of them use stainless steel with rattan, leather, or wire. The Bou Light fixtures include a table lamp and a pendant while the Ami Kabe line has small and large partitions.

This entire furniture line will be on exhibit at the Parc of the Villa Bagatti Valsecchi at the Milan Design Week until April 21. Some of the pieces included were actually created for projects like the House & Restaurant in the city of Ube in Japan (Zaisu chair and Ame low glass table) and the still being constructed House project where Ishigami’s mother will eventually reside (atelier table and other chairs).