Reusing Daylight

Now this is one of those simple and simply brilliant designs. It doesn’t happen often that a design so simple as a lamp touches my heartbones, but check it out. It’s all in the description. In describing this project, the designers at Onø Design made the comment “sensibly reusing the daylight” as far as how this lamp is basically one giant solar-charged LED light. How lovely is that?

During the day, turn this lamp upside-down to collect daylight. At night, turn it rightside-up and it switches on. Light for you all night long. Apparently the LED lights, in addition to burning longer and for less power (of course), also do not attract insects the way other bulbs do.

That sold me, all the way.

Put it on your dock for some excellent lighthouse-like lights to direct you home after a relaxing evening of night-cruising on your boat or pontoon.

Designer: Onø Design for Bockia

Turner solar LED lights by Onø Design for Bockia